You gotta be pullin my pork!

Giving the new smoker its first real test. 8 lbs Boston Butt, gonna be pulled pork when it’s all said and done. Here’s this morning before it went on, and a photo of 2 hours in! Rub is SGP, Applewood Rub and Brown sugar with a yellow mustard binder. I’ll spray it every 2 hours or so until the stall with Apple Cider Vinegar then wrap it when she hits 160 and wait for 201!


Mmm pork.

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are you yanking my bacon. i hope you didn’t have too much fun with the rub down and can still enjoy your meal!


I wish I had a few of you guys for personal chefs you got some good looking meat there

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Looks great, I need some.

Here she is at 4 pm when I wrapped her. We’re sitting at 192 for internal temp and looking for 200-202… then rest it in a cooler for an hour


Feel like I need some more protein be right over

Finished product… came off the smoker at 9 pm last night, 11 hours. I already made an omelette with some of it this morning!



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