You guys convinced me

Okay im going to wait and take anything I’m just going for a good strict diet and 4 to 5 days in the gym with two days off

I just need help if anyone if willing to coach me
I’m supper dedicated and willing to do whatever it takes


Youve made a very smart decision. You’ll be surprised how much muscle you’ll be able to put on in the first few years with lifting 4 to 5 days and consistent eating. Obviously the cleaner you eat the better your gains will be but if you eat clean 80% of the time you’ll still do well. As far as training goes there are plenty of decent free programs out there and I’m sure some people here will be able to recommend a few good ones as well. By the way, just because you’ve decided to wait doesn’t mean you can’t be part of the community. Looking forward to hearing about your progress

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Agree with @JLee

There’s several excellent coaches on here.

Rereading this…do you know your way around a gym? Not condescending just trying to get a feel for your experience.

What kind of gym do you have access to?

Put whatever ped’s you’ve already bought in a cool dark (safe) place. They’ll be there when the time is right.


It’s a really good gym it has everything I need to seceded plus it also has CrossFit side to it also I’m a pretty athletic so I like to do other things to and iv been in the gym pretty much since middle school I have a wrestling background I did it for 9 years through college and my weight class is 142 so Iv got experience in dieting and little in the weightroom


Get after it brother. Sleep big eat big lift big

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I think this is the right move. PED’s have their place but the 2 factors you mentioned are way more important. Wish you best of luck and when the time is right they’ll be there.


Learn from the community. You will find great information & support…. Your body will tell you when is ready to push.


I’m looking forward to your Natty log


Can’t wait to see the damage you can do!!!

Let’s goooooo!


Wrestling background well then discipline oart is f this should be no problem